Cumberwell Park

This turned out to be the most frustrating week of the year to date, again the weather was just terrible with gale force winds and rain then was coming in side wards at times it made for a very interesting and long two days!

I was staying with a friend in Cardiff this week so we had a little trip to the golf course every morning but it was well worth it, it wasn't your average week of grotty hotels and bad food, we had a home cinema, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sauna and a driving range in the garden aswell as bars in every room which could explain my poor putting week!!!

The golf course was a tale of two completely different 9 holes, the front 9 been very scorable and very straight forward compared to a back 9 that was full of dog legs and poor golf holes apart from the 17th which was a 230 yard par 3 over water into a gale!!

I played great golf the first day and didn't miss a green in some very strong winds I controlled my ball flight very well, I missed three 4ft putts which was very frustrating and ended up shooting a 1 under 70 which was the worst it could of been by a long way, however it put me right in the mix again with a great chance of another good finish.

The second day was just a disappointing day, again I played good golf and if it wasn't for some terrible putting I would of been right up there, it was very tough putting in them winds but there has to be no excuses, its been a long time since i felt that bad on the greens and its been my saving grace this year and has got me out of trouble on many occasions, but you just cant compete at the right end of the leaderbaord if you cant get the ball in the hole, I had 35 and 38 putts over two days which is just not good enough, it's ironic how it came at the same time that i had my two best ball striking days of the year too but I guess thats why we love golf and keep coming back , its been a very positive month for me and I feel like I've really made some great progress, so I will be camping out on the putting green the next 10 days before I had out to France on the 20th for a Challenge Tour event