That last 10 months slipped by pretty quick since my last blog!

I guess having a little girl will probably explain that!

A winter of Portugal

I’ve been fortune that I’ve been able to get away for the majority of the winter playing the Algarve Pro Tour and also fortunate that I’ve been able to stay with a friend out there which has made it possible!

Walrus Clothing sponsor and JS Tailoring!

I’m writing this from Portugal the night before the start of my first tournaments of 2018 with some exciting news regarding my new clothing sponsor.

End of 2017

I’m writing this blog on my last night in Portugal, I’ve had a great 5 weeks out here playing and practicing which brings me nicely on to people I need thank, not only for getting me out here but for 2017.

France, Jamega Tour and Winter plans

I’m writing this a week after finishing the Jamega Tour events which I’ve really enjoyed playing, it’s a Tour which is run by fantastic people in a great environment to play golf and an incredibly high standard now!

More Tournament Golf!

Well that’s a nice title for me to start this blog!

Tournament Golf

So the last few months since my last blog have seen me continually working hard in the gym, going through different phases of training coinciding with my practice and playing schedule.

Portugal and Austria

Firstly apologies for all the 3/4 people that take the time to read my blogs, it’s been far too long!!

A summer of injury

So the last blog I wrote I’d just finished playing with Colin Montgomerie in Final British Open qualifying, that was nearly 4 months ago and the last time I played golf!

Final British Open Qualifying with Monty!!

So its funny how things turn out!!

One day events and Sotagrande Masters

So after my return from Spain towards the end of February i spent the next few weeks resting and trying to get rid of my Chinese illness!! Thanks to Craig Barton for his help as it really helped get me back to feeling better.

Mena Tour Qualifying

So after being in bed for ten days solid after the China nightmare I decided to take the gamble and go play Mena Tour Qualifying.


So off to China I went! Just the 21 hour journey! We started our trip from Manchester to Amsterdamn, then on to Bejing and finally the flight down to Kumning, then a taxi ride to Wind Valley!

Last few months and plans for next year

So it’s been a good few months since my last blog!! I am currently in Portugal having played 3 Algarve Pro Tour Events which have gone ok with finishes of 16th, 21st and 9th.

Latest Events

It’s been a hectic last 4 weeks but i’ve loved every minute of it, i’ve covered nearly 4,000 miles!!


So, as mentioned in my last blog, I have some exciting sponsorship news! I am over the moon to announce that I have officially teamed up with Franklin Fitch, an International specialist recruitment company.

Mar Hall and Hawkstone Park

So 10 days of hard work on the game but more so on routines and process was what I focused on after Montrose, as I said in my last blog after not playing competitive golf for 3 months it was the most important thing to get back into a good routine and process and set some things out for the remainder of the season.

Start of my season and sponsorship

Hope you’re all enjoying the Open at what is arguably the greatest place to play golf, it might not be the best course in the world but the place has a magical feel about it.

Eagle Tour and Tenerife

I’m writing this post from a sunny Tenerife, again I’ve been very lucky to get away for a few weeks to practice and at the same time stay with a friend who I’ve not seen for a long time so it’s been a very enjoyable week.

Season started and exciting new clothing deal

So my golfing season is already under way, I have been in Spain the last 3 weeks practicing and finishing the trip with a 3 day pro am.