The Operation

So a little trip to the spinal clinic in Sheffield and a chat with the consultant/surgeon and I was told that I would need an operation on my back, the operation is a Microdiscectomy which is basically the removing of the disc that is pushing down on the sciatic nerve.

The recovery period on this and for me to be back playing competitive golf is likely to be in the region of 6 months, so it really will be a long winter but hopefully at the end of it I will be fit and can really get back to playing some great golf again.

I go in for the operation on Thursday the 8th December at Thornbury hospital and I really must thank everyone there for getting me in this quick as it was imperative for me to start my recovery and phsyio ASAP.

I will let you all know how the surgery went hopefully in the next few weeks as I won't be going very far from the laptop or sofa, so fingers crossed it's a success