Update on the back

Well it's been three months since my last blog and that time has been spent firstly getting rid of useless phsyio's, finding a good phsyio and then working really hard to get some strength in the back and working really hard on my core.

I started chipping and putting at the start of March and am now hitting some irons so am hopeful of playing 9 holes by the end of the month and then my target is to get back playing tournament golf around the end of May, but we will see how things progress and I won't be rushing back before I am ready.

I really must thank Kev from Lincoln City Football Club for all his hard work working with me every week since the end of January and continuing to do so, I've been planking away like you wouldn't believe and been introduced to the Swiss ball too!!!

As for the back it feels so much better than it has the last 18 months, the sciatica has completely gone and although there is still some stiffness at the bottom where I had the operation that is to be expected so it's all looking good for a full recovery and a pain free season, it really will be like starting again with the swing as I had been protecting my back in the way I was swinging all last year and to an extent the back end of 2010.

The Alps Tour have kindly given me a medical exemption for last year which is great news, although it means I have to play very well when I get back and quickly!!