Three week road trip

I had spent the two weeks between France and these tournaments working on my putting, I was really looking forward to playing three weeks in a row and really getting a nice run of tournaments behind me.

We flew to Venice first then a had a 4 hour drive to the first tournament in Austria. It's a golf course I know very well and always look forward to playing, great area, perfect greens and just a fun week.

The practice rounds had gone ok, the putting was getting closer but not quite there just yet. The first round was a little disappointing for me as I had played 13 very solid golf holes and was -2 with no bogeys then a poor drive on 14 led to a double bogey and a couple of 3 putts in the last few holes added up to a +2 which didn't reflect how I had played but nevertheless I felt it was a step forward again. The second round was very similar to the first, Didn't hit it as good but chipped and putted a lot better which was very encouraging and again the score was a slight improvement with a +1, another missed cut but it was very important to keep upbeat and remember that the scores were going in the right direction with each round played.

We had a very long 7 hour drive down from Austria to Perugia, Italy for the next event, this was the start of a very long rain delayed week!! I really enjoyed the golf course, pretty tree lined, good greens but very fair and scorable. I had an early tee off the first day and was very fortunate with the draw, I managed to get my 18 holes in all be it with some very long delays but signed for a 69, I holed out great, chipped good and hit some nice shots on the way round. I was meant to play at 13.30 the next day for my second round but ended up not playing at all as the course was a wash out and the other half of the draw had to get their 18 holes in, so I spent the day at the golf course playing a waiting game, It looked like I would play some holes at 18.45 but again the weather made sure that I wouldn't, so the cut would be made a day late and the possibility of playing 36 holes in one day looked likely. My second round was a mixed bag, I started off nicely, then struggled, then finished off nicely, all of that was a +3, disappointing as I was in a great position and anything around par would of left me with a chance in what was a to be a reduced 54 hole event. The last day was a massive struggle and I managed to scramble round in -1 but that was with 22 putts and some unbelievable short game, so again a move in the right direction and even more pleasing was the putting was back. I finished in 17th place.

So onto a another 4 hour drive back up to a place called Grado, a nice little seaside resort, but yet again the weather had followed us and rain again all week, this wasn't a great week for me, accommodation problems meant we had to stay in a caravan, not ideal for 4 people!!

The course was lined with water hazards on every hole, different but at the same time a little boring too!!! I played great in practice and was full of confident after last week heading into the first round, maybe a little to much as my preparation was very poor and that showed in my start, I was +7 after 7 holes, not ideal!! I played the remaining 29 holes in level par but the damage was already done, again I putted very nicely but struggled with the game, some very mixed stuff.

Over all for me it was a slightly disappointing 3 weeks but there were lots of positives and more importantly I felt competitive again. It is very important for me now to keep playing and when i'm on the course just play golf and score, very simple but sometimes hard to do!!