Kirby Lonsdale

Two weeks had passed since my last competitive outing, the game was still ok, but I felt like there were a few bad little things creeping in from just playing over the last few months so felt like I needed to have a week just practicing, the good thing now is that I fell like its only tweaking things and its the same things which is really nice as I feel like I'm really understanding my golf swing again.

It was a very long drive up to Cumbria to a course what I had played in my first ever county game when I was 15 so I didn't feel a practice round was needed!!! The drive took 4 hours, so it was a quick stretch, 15 balls hit and on the tee, not ideal but sometimes it's not a bad thing to just get on with it! I didn't feel that comfortable with my swing all day but really managed my game and misses well which was another massive positive for me. I finished with a -1 in windy conditions and tied 4th place in a small field. Two weeks of practice and more playing before the next event. I'm desperately trying to save money to go to tour school as I feel like I could have a real good run at it.