May I firstly say I hope everyone has had a great Xmas and wish everybody a successful and happy 2014.

The last few months for me really have been productive, I've managed to get out and play twice a week and practice the rest of the time and weather permitting this will continue to be the case. I have recently started working with Christian Swan, a performance coach who has totally restructured my whole practice regime, we now record every practice session, I have stat sheets which I fill out and then they are recorded and we can monitor every session and see if and what needs improving and if I am reaching my targets. We have been working purely on target when practicing, this has bought back the consistency that I have been searching for. I have been progressing nicely when I play too and can really see the benefits of the practice coming out in certain areas, here are my results and the stat sheets I have been working from for my practice sessions. I also have been doing the 9 point drill with all irons and woods, 9 balls, 3 shots hitting high fade, normal fade and a low fade to target, then the same hitting three draws and then the same hitting three straight ones, all these are recorded with a points system, this is great practice and even adds some pressure when you are close to beating your pb's!!

Details December 2013

Report December 2013

Short Game winter 2013

1-KeyStats winter 2013

notesheetsr – 1

I will post my playing stat sheets and results in my next blog towards the end of January.

I really must thank JY for making the software for my stats and then making the time to record them and make these great tables and graphs, they really are priceless information and are imperative for improving and moving forward to next year. Jy also works with more players from European/Challenge Tour so really does know his stuff!!

May I also take the time to thank Market Rasen Golf Club, I really cant thank everyone there enough for all the help and support they continue to give me, I honestly couldn't think of a better golf course to be at, I never get bored of playing there which really does say how good it is!!

Also thakyou to my coach Steve Williamson for his continued hard work, we have been working together now since 2006, so thank you Steve for putting up with all my moaning over the years.

Thankyou also to Craig Barton for all his help in the gym and on my nutrition, we really have made massive strides this last 18 months and it really makes a nice change getting to winter and feeling strong and healthy, its become a part of my life now which is all down to Craig.

And finally to Ping, who have stuck by me through the last few years when I haven't been playing much golf through injury's, here's to a fit, healthy and great 2014.

I apologise if there is anyone who I have left out, but I sincerely thank everyone who has helped me over the years.

There are still shares available to buy individually and through your business, check out my sponsor me page for all the details. Please help me get back playing full time next year, I promise it will be a great year and one not to be missed!

Happy New Year