2014 Season and upcoming events

So I’m writing this blog from sunny Murcia, I’m away for a month to play some Evolve Tour events to escape the rain, Wind and cold weather and to get my season underway. I’m fortunate that a have a free place to stay thanks to some very good and generous friends.

The playing has been somewhat disrupted by the weather but I have still managed to get out and practice and do some very good indoor putting work. I was lucky enough to spend an afternoon indoors on a putting lab recently which bought up some useful information which I have taken on board and am working that in to my routine and putting, some of it was very basic stuff which sometimes we all overlook, I am now making sure I set aside 15 mins everyday to check posture and alignment!!

The weather here has been great so far and really does emphasise how important it is to get away in the winter to play and practice otherwise you really are playing catch up to most of the guys

My first two events are to be played on the 24th and then the 27,28th, they really will be envaluable, you never really know where you are until you get into a competitive environment, it will be great put in to practice all the stuff I have worked on this winter and evaluate what things are good and what needs to be worked on. I then plan to go to Europro qualifying when I get back at the end of March, but at the moment that is depending on money available as it’s going to be an expensive thing to do, I then need money to play the tournaments!!

I will write a blog next weekend about the tournaments and hopefully get some pictures up of the courses.