The Year So Far!!

It’s been a while since my last blog for a number of reasons, again a lack of funds has contributed to me not playing much tournament golf and the death of my nan who I was really close to.

I firstly must take this opportunity and thank the members of Market Rasen Golf Club of which some chipped in to pay for my first tournament of the year at the Belfry way back in April and also to a good friend who later in the year paid for two euro pro tournaments for me which actually kicked started my season mid July and from the winnings of them events enabled me to play the last couple of months.

My results and finishes for the year will be up in the next few days when I can figure out how to do it!!

So the season itself has been pretty good, whenever i’ve had the opportunity to play i’ve managed to play and prepare myself very well for them, a big part in this has come from the work i’ve been doing with Christian and some putting work with Andy at Lincoln University and I can’t say how much we have improved things in terms of preparation, routines, strategy on the course, the way we prepare before a tournament and my whole structure of practice just to mention a few.

I’ve managed a couple of nice little wins, some low rounds and a more consistant level of playing which has been missing since the operation back in 2011 and for the first time since then I feel like I’m in a position to play full time and challenge again.

My plans for the rest of the year will purely depend on what help I can get financially, I’m trying to juggle two jobs as well as practice and play which is pretty difficult but its the only way at the moment, I would love to carry on playing now through the winter and hit the ground running next year as you are at a massive disadvantage to the guys that have been playing all year round. Hopefully I will have some exciting news to bring in the next 6 weeks!!

All the best