Mar Hall and Hawkstone Park

So 10 days of hard work on the game but more so on routines and process was what I focused on after Montrose, as I said in my last blog after not playing competitive golf for 3 months it was the most important thing to get back into a good routine and process and set some things out for the remainder of the season.

After a long drive up again I played the front nine and then walked the back nine, the course itself was set on the river Clyde with some great views and holes to match, the greens very undulating and the bunkers had at least 7 tonne of sand in so if there’s ever a sand shortage in the world don’t worry there’s more than enough at Mar Hall!! I started poorly again and was +2 through 2 holes but stuck to my process and game plan and battled back nicely and got it to level par through 9. I’m making plenty of birdies each round but at the same time to many bogeys, not really down to any really bad golf shots just little errors, a couple of mistakes saw me go to +2 with 4 holes to go but 2 great birdies coming and I signed for a level par 71, I had stuck to my process and routine through the round and was very pleased with that. Thanks again to Kenny for caddying and Just Audi VW Lincoln for lending me a car. The second round was somewhat a non starter, 15 minutes before my tee time I slipped down the bank near the first tee and twisted my ankle, I was +6 through 8 and really couldn’t swing, it was very disappointing for me as I felt like I had made massive improvements from the week before. So plenty of rest over the next few days and get myself ready for Hawstone Park was in order.

So after a frustrating week at Mar Hall I spent The Friday and Saturday with the ankle on ice and up in the air watching The Open! I went to play 18 holes in the buggy on Sunday and Monday and with plenty of paracetamol and Ibuprofen I felt I could go compete at Hawkstone, not my normal preparation but one that was needed in order to get me in a position to go and play. I drove down the evening before the tournament and went and hobbled around the course and mapped out my game plan, I had also looked at you tube footage of the holes for a little added knowledge. The course was in great condition and really was two completely different nines. The front nine was tree lined and very tight in places with the back nine being more American style with water and whispy deep rough awaiting any loose tee shots. I had done some more great mental prep work with Christian and really felt for the first time this year that I was in a position both mentally and technically to actually go compete. I played lovely the front nine and really should of been a lot better than -2 but a few missed short puts cost me going out low! Some more short putts missed on the back nine and i found myself +2 again but a birdie, birdie finish and again a level par 71 was the score, I felt like I played a lot better than the score but the process and routine on that front nine was the best it had ever been so I felt in a positive mood and was looking forward to the second round. I got off to a slow start and again was +2 through 6 but then I played lovely and 3 birdies on the back nine got me to -1. It was really nice to have some pressure on the back nine with been on the cut mark to see how the swing and process stood up to it, I felt great coming in but unfortunately missed the cut by 1, although very disappointed with the result there were only positives to take from the week and I really feel like i’m getting better every week. I must thank Jacob for caddying and the Schervill family for letting me stay at their house the week. Onto Chart Hills next week and keep the momentum going in the right direction and keep improving each week and I will be happy.