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It’s been a hectic last 4 weeks but i’ve loved every minute of it, i’ve covered nearly 4,000 miles!!

Getting back into tournament mode and the quick changovers between tournaments is something that ive had to adapt to quickly so preparation has been absoloutely key and managing my practice time between has also been very important, I’ve been able to look at my stats on a Friday night and plan my practice over the weekend based on them which has been a great help. I’ve been guilty of over doing things a couple of weekends and felt absoloutely shattered last week at Slayley Hall, easily done when you want to push on and get results but also more importantly is the downtime between tournaments and having a rest day!!! I really must say thank you to Dave at Franklin Fitch for the chats after every tournament, we both want to get the results but at no point has there ever been a conversation about that, were totally focused on processes, analysing the week and then moving on and preparing for the next week. A formula that will bring the required results that we both want in the long run. I really am happy with my game and the way im going about my work and am very confident that if I keep doing the correct things then some good times are extrememly close. As Dave said to me after this week ‘ For every slice of bad luck, a piece of good luck is just around the corner’.

I must also express my continued thanks to Audi VW Lincoln who continue to to provide my transport for all the tournaments, without this i wouldnt be getting to any!!

Also to Market Rasen Golf Club, they have supported me now for the last six years with somewhere to play and practice and I wouldnt want to be anywhere else.

Massive thank you to Kenny at Dontay Contracts Limited for all his help throughout the year and his caddying skills!

Also thanks to JY who continues to do my stats to the very higest spec, without these it wouldnt be possible for me to structure my practice sessions. JY also does me beakdowns of each tournaments as well as my chosen wish boards which at the momemt are wedging and putting. There will be links to follow.

Onto Moor Allerton next week and then down to Kent for the last event on the EuroPro this year.