One day events and Sotagrande Masters

So after my return from Spain towards the end of February i spent the next few weeks resting and trying to get rid of my Chinese illness!! Thanks to Craig Barton for his help as it really helped get me back to feeling better.

I’ve got myself back in the gym as I really felt weak and myself and Mark have been really working hard on not getting so left side dominant in the golf swing so between Mark and Craig have put together a programme to help me achieve this, this brings me nicely on to thanking Craig, not only for all the gym work but he helped me go to Spain this week to play the Sotagrande Masters, something which I never expected and was so kind of him.

So I flew out to on the Saturday evening late and practice round Sunday before starting on Monday. As i said before the game really has been great, however a few days before I flew I started to struggle a little, I feel I’ve made massive strides the last 6 months and when its good now it really is good and I’m starting to understand more about my swing and how my body moves which is great. This makes it even more frustrating whem I’m not quite on it now!

The golf course itself was tough with firm, fast and undulating greens, some tight tee shots and approach shots. It was essential to control ball flight and positioning of the golf ball. I think its one of the most punishing courses I’ve ever played, for me personally I struggled all week, around any other golf course I could of got it round but not having total control of my ball flight and shape and getting severely punished for missing a green I just didn’t have the game to compete this week, my short game was almost non exsistant which is not something I struggle with but you had to be that precise with the spin and shot. I think the last 6 weeks playing winter golf on wet lies and greens then going there was something I really didnt adapt to very well or quick enough, so unfortunately it was a missed cut for me. It really did emphasise to me that to compete on this tour and the golf courses we play i’m going to have to prepare a lot better so I’m ready for challenges as hard as this.

So the next three events go to Dubai then Thailand for two, for me I would love to play but again its finding the money to go, something I’m working hard on!!

Once again I really to need to express my continued thanks to Mark Pinkett, Just Audi Vw, Market Rasen and Craig Barton for all their hard work and support

Thanks for reading