A summer of injury

So the last blog I wrote I’d just finished playing with Colin Montgomerie in Final British Open qualifying, that was nearly 4 months ago and the last time I played golf!

A decision that was first taken out of my hands by a torn intercostal muscle but a decision that was also made by myself, Mark (coach) and Sam (strength and conditioning). A tough decision but one that we all made and felt was the right one. In order for me to get my body in a position that is gonna enable me to play consistent golf until the end of my career. I really can’t thank Sam enough for all his hardwork, he has put endless hours with me in the gym and phone calls to Mark. His attention to detail about how and what we need to do has been incredible, from first identifying where and what my weak areas were to then identifying why I was getting pain in certain areas. It’s gonna be a long process and something that will be ongoing for the rest of my career. I’ve learnt to walk again, foam rolled the areas that Sam identified as tight that was causing my body to move in the wrong way, learnt how to activate my glutes in the right way and so many other things! I have just started doing some body movement work with Mark last week without a club and also working on right hand position on the club. I also can’t thank Mark enough too! His phone calls when I was feeling down and just wanted to play have kept me going, it’s just the start but it’s exciting. We can all see a difference in my postural alignment and the way I am moving. It’s going to be a long winter of hard work but one I am looking forward to and can’t wait to get back to competitive golf whenever that may be. I must also thank JustAudi VW who have continued to help me this year even when I’ve not been playing. I know I’ve said it many times but I really can’t express enough gratitude to them, Mark and Sam.

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