More Tournament Golf!

Well that’s a nice title for me to start this blog!

Since my last blog when I’d just finished my tournament at the Players Club back in June, it was pretty clear that I really had to just keep playing.

Sam and I sat down and put together a 6 week training programme that would enable me to play tournament golf weekly as well as keep up and improve what we had done over the past year, the next bit was trying to get the funds to play! There’s a few people who I can’t thank enough for making that happen and enabling me to play, with out them I wouldn’t of played.

Its been a great 6 weeks for me personally and we’ve ticked off lots of little goals we set at the start. First and foremost was to get through the 6 weeks playing and training every week which hasn’t been a problem. It’s amazing how your mindset changes from week to week and how quickly you adapt to playing again, it’s been tough at times and very frustrating but that’s mainly from myself expecting things maybe a little too quickly. One of the most frustrating things for me is that I’ve struggled to put two good rounds together, as the weeks have gone on my ball striking and finding a safe shot to hit have improved dramatically to a point where I’m totally comftable with that which in itself is a massive step forward. From my ten rounds of tournament golf my scores have varied from -4 to +3, but there’s certainly been more under par and a lot of 3 understand which seem to be my favourite score at the moment! When I’ve played really nice Ive not managed to capitalise and shoot really low and when I’ve struggled a little Ive not managed to grind out them +2 scores to under par but I really feel that my game is very close to some seriously low numbers very soon.

Again, thank you to the people that have enabled me to play the last 6 weeks, Ive enjoyed it so much and can’t wait to see what the next 6 weeks will bring.

Thank you also to Sean Hawker, Steve Williamson, Sam Vickers, Alex Wernig and as always Just Audi.