End of 2017

I’m writing this blog on my last night in Portugal, I’ve had a great 5 weeks out here playing and practicing which brings me nicely on to people I need thank, not only for getting me out here but for 2017.

Firstly Sam Vickers, Sam has continuously worked with me for the last 18 months now and I really would not be playing golf if it wasn’t for him. Not only has he got me fit and strong but has been at the end of the phone whenever I’ve struggled with my posture, practicing blocks, how I practice and train. He’s really added a professionalism to everything I do.

Secondly, Jim Smith. Jim has not only made me my tailored trousers and shirts for this year but has also helped out towards some entry fees, I wouldn’t of been in Portugal now if it wasn’t for him. He’s become a good friend and someone who I really enjoy having some good banter with ( Tank 2) !

Sean Hawker, I’ve known Sean for 12 years now and has always been a good friend. I can’t thank Sean enough for all of his help this year with all the swing work we’ve done, not only when I’m over here but when I’m back home. We’re getting there mate!!

Lastly, Natalie! She walks round with me in rain, wind………everything! Listens to me moan about my swing, my moods when I don’t play great but is always positive and constantly believes in me.

So now to the golf…….. As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs its been great to get back playing full time golf this year to which I really must thank everyone involved at the Jamega Tour, a great Tour run by fantastic people.

Something which I have managed to do this year is be very consistent with my scores, I’ve managed to shoot anything from level par to -4 pretty much every round. I’ve had to grind my nuts off in some of them and others I’ve felt great but just haven’t managed to shoot anywhere near as low as I would of liked. We’ve really nitpicked at my stats to see why and where I can really improve the grinding rounds and the rounds where I feel great to shoot the silly low ones. I’ve recently been using Game Golf and has really helped me identify the distances I hit clubs that particular week, strategy around the course and the obvious stats.

Portugal itself has really been the same as above, I’ve really struggled in rounds but grinded out level/under par rounds and then I’ve played great and only shot -2/-3, something to really improve over the winter and into next year. We’ve identified certain areas to tighten up so the work never stops. I’m excited to see what next year brings! I’ve a feeling its going to be a big year!!

Also thank you to Just Audi, Market Rasen GC, Alex Wernig, Nicola Elwood, Game Golf, Steve Williamson for their continued help and support.

I wish you all a great Xmas and a Happy New Year.