Post Operation

I went in for my operation on the 8th December to Sheffield at the Thornbury Hospital on a cancelation which was a great relief to get it sorted this quickly and hopefully not miss to much of next season., so thank you to everyone there,it was actually a pleasure to stay.

The Operation

So a little trip to the spinal clinic in Sheffield and a chat with the consultant/surgeon and I was told that I would need an operation on my back, the operation is a Microdiscectomy which is basically the removing of the disc that is pushing down on the sciatic nerve.


Well as stated in my last blog, it wasn't the year of the Robinson, this has somewhat been explained over the last few weeks.

Challenge Tour

Well this year was most defiantly not the year of the Robinson!!

Cumberwell Park

This turned out to be the most frustrating week of the year to date, again the weather was just terrible with gale force winds and rain then was coming in side wards at times it made for a very interesting and long two days!

Tytherington Golf Club

So after playing very well last week again I was looking forward to this week to a golf course I had never played before but had heard some great reports about.

The Bristol Club

So it was another trip down to Bristol for the second week in a row to the Bristol Club, a very short course with some very funky holes, it was a course that you really felt you should go very low on and if it was for better greens I think that the scoring could of gone silly.

Players Club

Well it's been 5 weeks since my last tournament for one reason or another, I feel like a break from golf and tournaments has really made a big difference. I travelled down with my friend from Portugal who is staying with me for 3 weeks to just caddy for him but as we stepped on the first tee somebody didn't turn up so I got a free entry and an unexpected start at the Players Club near Bristol.

9ème Open International du Haut-Poitou

Haut-Poitou is a golf course I know very well having played there in the two previous tournaments with good results, it's not a golf course where anyone is going to shoot low scores, its often a case of just hanging on and grinding out pars and this week proved no different.

Allianz Open Mirabelle d’0r

My travel day to Metz started at 5.30 am and after a 4 hour car ride, 2 hour ferry ride and another 4 hour car ride we arrived in Metz, my car ride was also in a smart car may I add!!!!!

Challenge Tour

I was really looking forward to this week as I was staying with a great family I met the year before so I arrived early on the Sunday evening.

Challenge Tour

After receiving an invite into this event, I was looking forward to playing and felt like my game was in a good place to really compete this week.


After a few problems when finishing my last event, I had to withdraw from Slovenia and Austria which was disappointing as they are both courses which i know well and have had some good finishes in the past few years.

Challenge Tour

A nice little road trip to Paris on Sunday saw me arrive in plenty of time for this event, I had played the golf course last year in a Alps Tour event and enjoyed the course and had a decent finish, its's always nice to go back to an area and a golf course that you are familiar with.

South Essex

After alot of positives in Bordeaux I decided to play a Jamega Event to keep playing and hopefully continue the progress I felt I was making, the golf course itself was terrible and resembled a field with flags on and the old cliches of ' It's the same for everybody' really did come to mind and I had to keep telling myself this!!!!


I had an added addition this week in Medoc, my Dad came for the week and I was hoping for the same result as last time he came to watch in Metz last year when I finished 2nd.


I always look forward to this tournament, it's one of my favourite places in France to come with a great golf course and the beach a short walk away.

Season Starts Now

It seems far to long since I last played a tournament, the end of November was the last time I played any competitive golf so I am really looking forward to getting back on the course, I am flying to France early Monday morning for the first AGF Allianz of the year which is been played at Hossegor, near Biarritz.

2011 Season

Well the last few months and been spent in the gym and on the practice ground, lots of hard work was needed in both areas, although hardly any golf has been played I feel alot stronger and happier with my golf swing.

Mauritius Masters

Well I could spend days writing about the week I spent here, but whatever I write will not do the golf course, people or the place justice, It was an unbelievable week and to make matters better it was all free!!