The Year So Far!!

It’s been a while since my last blog for a number of reasons, again a lack of funds has contributed to me not playing much tournament golf and the death of my nan who I was really close to.

First tournaments of 2014

Hope your all having a great 2014 and are just as excited as I am about the Masters this week, arguably the greatest tournament in the year on one of the most beautiful golf courses in the world.

2014 Season and upcoming events

So I’m writing this blog from sunny Murcia, I’m away for a month to play some Evolve Tour events to escape the rain, Wind and cold weather and to get my season underway. I’m fortunate that a have a free place to stay thanks to some very good and generous friends.


May I firstly say I hope everyone has had a great Xmas and wish everybody a successful and happy 2014.

The Last 7 events!!

Time goes so quick and it's been 7 events since my last blog update, it really has been a mixed bag which has included another win, couple of second places and a few poor finishes to rounds which has resulted in a few poor mid 70 rounds.

Kirby Lonsdale

Two weeks had passed since my last competitive outing, the game was still ok, but I felt like there were a few bad little things creeping in from just playing over the last few months so felt like I needed to have a week just practicing, the good thing now is that I fell like its only tweaking things and its the same things which is really nice as I feel like I'm really understanding my golf swing again.

Win at Worsley

A trip up to Manchester was next up on the schedule for the NW Tour and a Major!!

Shaw Hill

Again I had another good week of practice so was really looking forward to playing again, its been really nice playing every week even if it is just 18 hole tournaments, its not where I want to be playing but I have to make the best out of what I've got.

Preston Golf Club

As money was a little tight, I decided to drive to the golf course the morning of the the tournament, this was the worst possible thing I could of done, I felt terrible from the first ball I hit on the practice ground to the last ball on the golf course, the whole day was a massive struggle.

Mottram Hall

I had a really good weeks practice after Disley, played a few times and shot some really nice scores , so confidence was high going into Mottram.

Tytherington and the win at Disley GC

So after coming back from playing 3 weeks in a row I was keen to keep playing, I was starting to feel competitive again but was still some way off with the consistency in the game, there was glimpses of some great golf but still way to many poor shots , a mixture of poor golf swings and still a lack of tournament golf.

Three week road trip

I had spent the two weeks between France and these tournaments working on my putting, I was really looking forward to playing three weeks in a row and really getting a nice run of tournaments behind me.

Alps Tour-Rebetz

So it was off to France for my first real tournament of the year, we decided on a little road trip for the short journey to Paris in the smart car, this backfired pretty quickly when 10 miles from the golf course the cambelt decided to go!!!

3 weeks!!

I hope everyone is enjoying the first day of spring, how long can this weather go on!!!

New Season…..Injury free!!

So I thought I would take this opportunity to firstly wish everyone a great festive period and New year and also to update you on what's been going on the last 4 months!!

I’m still alive!!

Firstly, Operations are not as easy as I thought to come back from!!

Austria and Slovenia

I traveled to Graz on the Monday, quite an early arrival but as i was staying with a friend it was nice to get out there early and away from the poor weather we had been having, however that backfired as there was a heat wave in the UK and torrential rain in Austria!!!

Start of the season

Well since my last blog a few months ago things have progressed nicely and I'm pleased to say that I'm back playing golf, the back is good and I can't wait to get back to competitive golf next week in Austria.

Update on the back

Well it's been three months since my last blog and that time has been spent firstly getting rid of useless phsyio's, finding a good phsyio and then working really hard to get some strength in the back and working really hard on my core.


Firstly a belated Happy New Year to everyone, I hope 2012 brings great things to everybody.